In cases where root canal therapy has failed and retreatment of the root canal is impossible or impractical, a surgical procedure called an apicoectomy can be performed on the tooth to eliminate the infection and restore the tooth to function without losing the tooth. This is a cost effective and time saving solution to a failing root canal as the alternative would be extraction followed by the placement of an implant and restoration with a new crown. This can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition.

The surgery is performed in our office under local anesthesia. During the apicoectomy, the tip of the root is accessed through small incision in your gums. We remove the root tip and any surrounding infection and seal the end of the root after which the area is closed with sutures. Our endodontist and team will do everything possible to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure and aftercare. Most patients have minimal discomfort after the procedure and the healing time is very rapid.

If you need care that a traditional root canal cannot provide, visit our endodontist for an apicoectomy in Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas. Learn more by calling Trinity Endodontics for an appointment with Dr. Ray Gillespie.