Endodontic treatments are necessary when the pulp or nerves inside a tooth become damaged or infected, which can be very painful, and require expert care. To help provide this care, our office uses advanced endodontic technology. These tools and techniques allow our endodontist and team to focus on treating the inner parts of teeth with precision and better comfort for our patients.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Ray Gillespie utilizes digital X-rays to better visualize the roots of your teeth. Unlike traditional X-rays that used film and chemicals and required time for development, digital X-rays use less radiation, and the images are instantaneously available on a computer screen.

Cone Beam Digital Scanner

Trinity Endodontics uses cone beam digital scanning technology to provide more precise diagnostic capabilities for our patients. This advanced technology allows Dr. Gillespie to view your teeth and their roots structure in more detail, which helps our endodontist determine the cause of dental infections and provide appropriate treatment. The 3D scanning technology also gives Dr. Gillespie the ability to view the tooth from all different directions, which is impossible with traditional 2D X-rays.

Laser Endodontics

Of all the technological developments in endodontics, one of the most exciting is the EdgePRO dental laser. This new instrument utilizes laser energy to disinfect and clean root canals. Dr. Gillespie was the first to bring this device to the Fort Worth area to improve endodontic outcomes. In the procedure, a tiny filament is inserted into the canal and laser energy is used to help kill bacteria and cleanse the canal.

Rotary Instrumentation

Our endodontist will use rotary instruments to complete your root canal therapy. This treatment involves the use of a special electric handpiece with titanium instruments to more quickly and efficiently clean the root canals. This technology has enhanced the root canal experience by allowing us to complete the procedure much quicker than traditional hand instrumentation. In fact, most procedures can be completed in one visit to our office!

Surgical Operating Microscope

Dr. Gillespie uses a surgical microscope for all his procedures. This allows our endodontist to see tiny imperfections in teeth that may be missed using the naked eye or dental loupes (a typical binocular device used by general dentists with less visual power than a microscope).
Attached to a moveable arm, the surgical microscope can be adjusted as needed during treatment, allowing for ease of use and mobility as we conduct procedures. Because this device uses a high intensity light source and precise magnification, our endodontist can view your teeth in more detail, which allows for a much better treatment outcome for patients.

We welcome any questions about our care and equipment and invite you to learn more about the endodontic technology we use in our Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas, offices. If you need treatment to save a tooth, call to schedule an appointment today.